Low Back/Wrist discomfort or pain

First, initial disclaimer that we are not a physical therapist or chiropractor, follow these tips at your own risk. Let's get right to the point, we believe that for most people, lower back/wrist pain is caused by weak muscles and or tight muscles. Whether you live a sedentary lifestyle, or you are doing manual labor for a career, this can happen to you. In order for you to treat the cause, you would need to strengthened, massage and stretch those muscles. However, in some cases it might not be just those muscles that are weak and tight but the muscles around them are too. For example, strengthening and stretching the lower back muscle (erector spinae) is good and all but what about the abdominal muscles? Hip flexors? 

Check out this article about hip flexors and hamstring in relation to low back pain.

Check out this article about the abdominal and low back musculature.

For people with wrist pain, here is a variety of exercises and stretches you can try. If you don't have weight try using can food, the weight does not need to be heavy. Below is the link of the forearm exercise page. Navigate to find wrist flexors exercise, Dumbbell wrist curl and ulnar deviation, and for the stretch it will be single arm. Next will be the wrist extensors, Dumbbell radial deviation/reverse wrist curl, and single arm stretch.


Weight Loss

Let's stop with all these QUICK lose 20 pounds in a month magic pill, (insert a celebrity here) did this to look good for summer, try this diet, and even do this surgery. When things that are too good to be true then most of the time they are too good to be true. If I were to ask you the question, do you want to look good for just that wedding or the rest of your life? Well hopefully you answer the latter. 

Starting with weight loss, the first thing that you need to do is to familiarize with the things that are going into your mouth. There is no need to ask you to count every calorie but rather know how much you are eating/drinking and what you are eating/drinking. Most people tend to follow a certain habit when it comes to food and drinks. Without changing anything, document what you eat/drink, try using a unit of measurement that you would know (ounces, one fist, cup of, large/medium/small bowl, ml). Now find that one thing that you are eating or drinking everyday that may be high in calories, something like a Starbucks latte, or fries. Every week try to decrease that Starbucks latte by a third and then slowly decrease the amount of time that you have it. The premise of weight loss is to do it effectively and at a steady pace. 

Here is a great resource to help with weight loss without trying to sell you random diet pills and programs

Muscle Building

For people that just have recently started out, your best bet is to YouTube all the exercises. You can also check out website such as, and for tips. Regardless of most say, muscle building is much more difficult than weight loss. You can gain at most 10 lbs of muscles per year but you can lose much more weight. When you are in the process of muscle gain, don't worry about your abs, but you still need to work on them. Like with most things in life, consistency is everything. Please make sure that you are not experiencing any pain when exercising. Soreness is a different concept and if you can't differentiate them please consult with an expert. 

A great BEGINNER ROUTINE that I found

Here are some quick tips you can follow to succeed at gaining muscles

1) Aim for 4-6 exercises, 3-4 sets, 8-12 repetitions, 30 minutes - 1 hour, 3-5 days per week

2) Leave your ego at the door and do what you are comfortable with

3) Do not overindulge on bad food and eat healthy and clean

4) Make sure you are getting enough protein, 1.4 grams per kg of body weight per day and 0.4 grams per kg of body weight post workout


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