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Are Indians Getting Enough Protein?

As a trainer, I had the chance to work with many Indian clients whom work as engineers. It gave me a chance to learn much more about the Indian culture, well mostly food… Indian food are just awesome in the fact that it is rich in flavor with vibrant spices and fresh herbs. There are plenty of vegetables, and most Indian eat much less meat than the average American. Traditional vegetarian diet is great because it decreases the risk for heart diseases and different type of cancers. However, most Indian may be severely lacking in protein.

From what I have seen, most Indians are vegetarian or eats a partial vegetarian diet. There are protein options in a vegetarian diet but much less than people eating a meaty American diet. So it takes more work to make sure you get enough protein in your diet.

As a quick summary, protein helps with building and maintaining muscles. This helps with injury prevention from playing racquetball, hiking and just general life movements. Having a good amount of muscles will also help you with your posture and look more confident.

. How much protein do I need?

. Depend on your activity level, Light - Heavy

. 1.2 grams(g) - 1.5 grams(g) per kilogram(kg) body weight is recommended

. For example: 150 pounds man/2.25 = 66.67 kg

. 66.67kg x 1.2g - 1.5g = 80g - 100g of protein per day

. Women can use the same formula

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