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Finally joined a gym, now what?

Treadmill meme.png

Finally, you have dedicated to join a gym, to be part of the growing healthy community…But what do you do next? I mean the only thing your body instinctively know is running, that’s right I’ll just get on the treadmill.

Ahhh, nothing like running in places for 30 minutes

A couple of days later, I am bored

Maybe the machine will do me better

so I bounced around from machine to another looking to build those crazy arms that I always see on TV.

One to Two days later….

you are sore and paining all over

maybe doing all those exercises aren’t such a good idea after all?

So now you back to the treadmill again..

Nothing like the one and true thing that you are familiar of

Weeks later…

you are barely going to the gym because all it seems to do is hurt you


you stopped going all together

What do I do?

It is awesome that you have finally joined the gym but it’s just the first step

What you need to do is set a goal

Ask yourself, Do I want to lose weight or gain Muscles?

Journal entry how much fat you want to lose or muscles you want to gain

Set a scheduled

As a trainer I recommend 3 days per week

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

What kind of workout should I do

Monday focus on lower body

Wednesday focus on upper body

Friday focus on abs and cardio

MACHINE exercises are straightforward and simple without guidance

What exercises should I do?

I am going to give you a list that you can youtube and google

(all exercises should be done 12 repititions 3 times, so pick a weight that you can do)

Rest Timer (30 seconds - 1 minute between each set)

Lower Body

1) Leg press

2) Leg curls

3) Calf raises

4) Hip abduction

5) Hip adduction

Upper Body

1) Chest Press

2) Machine Row

3) Shoulder Press

4) Biceps curls

5) Triceps pressdown

Core and Cardio

1) Crunches

2) Russian Twist

3) Elliptical Cardio for 30 minutes

Quan Trieu