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The Missing Step in Weight Loss

The Problem right now is that we all know that losing weight is mostly due to diet and exercise yet we want it in a pill form

But Why.jpg

The First Step to truly get in shape is figuring out your Why?

Why are you trying to lose weight and or get in shape?

Simple right? 

Ask and answer that question 3 - 5 times and you will end up figuring the deeper reason on your Why

This first step will get you grounded into your own reality, not what other people tell you but what you truly want.

Sure getting in shape has these crazy benefits (increase your quality of sleep, reduce stress, increase sexiness, and etc…) but what is it that you truly want? 

By the way it’s ok to be Vain, when people tell me looks don’t matter I giggled because I know that deep down it does to some extent.

So embrace that and tell yourself that you are doing this to look sexy (If this was one of your why), either for yourself or your partner.

The health stuff is cool too!

What are you waiting for?? Get out a piece of paper and write this &h!t down