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Where you shop matters for weight loss!

Walmart meme.jpg

I got nothing against Walmart, I swear

Do you know where they put the milk/eggs? In the back! Why? Well it’s because we are impulse buyer!

When you go into your local Frys and Walmart, you are literally attacked by all these sodas and junk food

With beaming signs that call for “gigantic savings!”

The grab and go candies, chocolate and sugary drinks are also at the register

Being exposed to so many different bad choices, we tend to deviate from our healthy path

Your “Environment” plays a HUGE part in who you are, so don’t let yourselves be surrounded by JUNK!

Whole Food whole paycheck.png

The Solution?

No, you don’t have to go to Whole Food nor Trader Joe

No need to spend your whole paycheck on grocery

No you don’t need to buy everything organic (According to a meta analysis organic is not that much better for you nor the environment)

So where should we go?



The cheaper and more affordable Whole Food… I am not paid nor sponsored by Sprouts (FYI). I just recently started shopping there and it is like a WHOLE DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. There are isles among isles of healthy options.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still unhealthy options there but WAAAY LESS (like 1 isles of them “organic chips”. I wasn’t greeted at the door by rows and rows of soda, chip and sweets. There is a whole section on vitamins (which I am definitely not a fan of) but I’m never tempted by it.


My First Trip to Sprouts

Quan Trieu