Prices and training


Gym membership


  • $40/month + $20 sign up fee (Get 1 free personal training session)

Personal Training: Limited spots, scheduled only


  • 30 min sessions: $30 - $40

  • 45 min sessions: $40 - $55

  • 60 min sessions: $60 - $70

Or Team up with a partner! Up to 30% off per person

The Q-Method Program


  • $259 - $369 per month

Group Hours: (5pm – 6pm) (6pm – 7pm) (8pm – 9pm)

Contact me: qtrieu292@gmail.com
2153 E Cedar St, Tempe,AZ ,85281


The 8 pm crew!

Our training is based on weight lifting and agility movement that helps you shred fat and tone your physiques.

We prioritize safety first, which means no hardcore jumping and the dedication to techniques and forms. The exercise sessions we do won’t just help you look great but feel great too.

5-10 minutes of warm up (light body weight movements)

45 minutes of guided exercise (weight lifting/agility)

5-10 minutes of mandatory stretching and cooldown (holding)

Try a class or two (we don’t bite)