You are about to uncover the truth to weight loss and living a healthier and happier life on your terms



For some reason you have landed on this page,

That reason is mostly due to the fact that you wanted to consistently lose weight and keep it off

By now you should have figured the “Why I want to lose weight?”

If not

Please, dig deep and figure that out

It is the most crucial first step to stop running that weight loss hamster wheel!

Now the question comes down to the “How?”

This is where we come in

Below are some more proof that we can help

Because honestly, what matters are results!

Michael 11-11-18 left side b and f.jpg


As an engineer, Michael spend most of his day on the computer behind the screen. He told us that many of his co-workers were very unhealthy and overweight, and he knew that it would be his path if he didn’t make any changes. So with our help, we kick started his fitness journey and transformed his life!

Allen before and after front.jpg


An awesome friend of mine that went vegetarian. However as you can see in the before picture, people can still be unhealthy as a vegetarian. This man loves his Ruffles cheddar & sour cream chips, french fries and McDonald ice cream.

Krishna before and after front.jpg


We lost the before picture from when he started but Krishna continued to strive for great changes. He lost over 30+lbs in the time he was with us.

Krishna was doing 2 days per week in the group fitness classes before we met. He was very unhappy with the progress but was unwilling to change at first. It some time but when he finally got started with us, he was surprised at the results.


The Studio

We train out of Los Campeones (2153 E Cedar Street, Tempe AZ) a boutique studio dedicated for trainers. We train from Monday to Thursday in the evening, sessions start from 5 pm - 6pm, 6pm - 7pm and 8 pm to 9 pm. Bonus class on Saturday 9 am and sometimes we do workshop for weight loss.

Warning: Losing Weight and keeping it off is not easy

If you are looking for a quick fix

If you can looking for the secret method

If you don’t listen and apply

If you are not all in

This Method Is Not For You


If you want to

  • Take the time to come to the gym and feel absolutely amazing afterward

  • Check yourself out in the mirror and feel confident in how you look

  • Wake up everyday full of energy and feel positive about the future

…Then Keep Reading.

you are going to learn the 5 step method that I personally use to help my clients lose weight, tone up, and live a much healthier and happier life. These methods have been tested and developed by my continuing research and implementation.

So Who Am I? And How Am I Qualify to show you all of this?

My name is Quan Trieu, the cool dude below

Profiel picture complete.jpg

Quan Trieu

Bachelor of Exercise and Wellness


Tempe, Arizona

I have a Bachelor in Exercise and Wellness

My personal training certification is through the National Strength and Conditioning Association

But all that is basically useless

Having two pieces of paper is the standard these days

I used to train at LA Fitness

One of the top big chain gym in the U.S.

Over the years that I was there

I worked with over 100+ of clients

Met with many different personal trainers and group fitness instructors

They all seemed to preach the same thing, Diet and Exercise…

I used their method with the clients that I had

and it was a hit or a miss

  • We would take their initial body measurement and pictures

  • Create their diet program

  • Show them how to exercise weekly and give them a program when they are not with us

  • Then we would remeasure monthly and check for changes

The funny thing is many trainers that I met didn’t really bother with the measurement unless they were asked

Either they were afraid that there was gonna be no change or it was not enough

I know I was

Couple would lose some weight, but most doesn’t

I started questioning what I was doing

So I looked and research

It took over a year but then a light bulb came on

That was when I realized, there is another side that nobody ever looked at

So I started developing it, testing it and figuring it out

But It wasn’t until I went out on my own that I started to fully implement it

Of course I named it the Q-Method just to be corny

It was an accumulation of my experience from studying behavioral health, stress management, interning at physical therapy, and coaching

The Q-Method consist of 5 areas for sustainable weight loss

#1 The Vision

When you first read through this, I asked you the “Why”

Maybe you’ve never asked yourself this question before

You were probably so focused on the “How”

So you went and treat the symptoms

  • Sign up for some sort of diet, detox, and or fasting program

  • Get your gym membership and go for a month (67% of people with gym membership don’t use them)

  • Buy some equipment at home to collect dust after a couple of uses

But we are not here just to treat the symptoms now are we?

So we need to get to the true pain, you would need to go much deeper

Look back into your childhood, have you always been overweight as a kid

Or were you at a normal weight and started gaining weight after a certain traumatic event

Were you embarrassed and did people make fun of you?

I know, it’s difficult to relive those past events

But with it you will be able to find out why you want to get into shape in the first place

Now The second part of the "Why”

How would you feel if you are 30, 40, 50, or 100 pounds lighter?

What kind of difference would that make in your life?

Would you be able to be a better role model for your kids?

Would you be able to stop taking all these medications and stop their side effects?

Not being embarrassed when you go out

So really look into those feelings and write them down

The bigger the vision you have as to why you want to lose weight and what kind of changes it can have in your life, the more inspired and motivated you are to continue this for life

#2 The Environment

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you whom you will become”

Such a powerful quote that rings many bell

The food and people that you surround yourselves play a huge role in losing weight

When the junk are in arms reach, then you bet ya that you will indulge (think of a smoker trying to quit smoking, if there is an open pack of cigarettes nearby. He may think to himself “why not? Just one won’t hurt.”

Don’t get me wrong junk food can be eaten as a treat but not until self-control is full developed

So surrounding yourselves with the right people and only healthy food is something that you need

This will be a HUGE help because you have others to support you that are on the same path and it keeps you accountable because you don’t want to progress with everybody

#3 The Diet

This vary greatly depending on individuals because everybody has different roles they play, different lifestyle, and different genetics

Though in all honesty, every diet works

That’s right I said it


The diet must be created with you in mind

If you don’t cook and don’t like cooking, we don’t expect you to

If you can’t eat asparagus or spinach, we don’t expect you to

If you travel a lot and can only eat out, we understand and that’s life

Look this is an area that you will have to do for the rest of your life so it can be change and adjusted

People can’t diet forever, You would need to find a plan that works well with your scheduled

The basic of weight loss is just to eat less than your body uses

Basic tip

Avoid sugary drinks

Low Junk Food

More greens and fruits

Small sizes versus medium

Drink a bottle of water with your meal

Get smaller plates and bowls

#4 The Exercise

Our goal with this first and foremost is to not to get injured

Sometimes as we age the movement that we may think we can do can cause serious damage which cause time and money to fix. So whenever you workout you need to leave your ego at the door

The goal of exercising is to build and tone muscles and getting stronger.

Building muscles is going to greatly help you develop a solid metabolism (which means being able to enjoy donuts, cakes, and french fries)

We also focus on weight lifting which increase bone density (preventing risk of bone diseases) and build muscles (broader shoulders, V-shape back, and tone arms)

Learn the main lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Overhead Press)

Youtube is your friend

If you are not a big fan of working out then

Do something you enjoy

Focus on Physical activity every single day

Racquetball, tennis, football, soccer, hiking, walking, and etc…

Your body needs to move and you need to ingrain that into a constant habit, like brushing your teeth

FYI though weight lifting is the most effective way for you to look good and improve your metabolism

#5 The Stress and Stretch

Stress is another big factor in weight loss, because when you are under constant stress your body go into a flight or fight mode which drastically reduce your metabolism (your mood goes down, you feel sluggish and happiness is in an all time low)

So with this, we figure out the source of your stress and whether you can avoid it or you should cope with it

Stretching on the other hand is something you NEED TO DO

Why? Well because it can save you a lot of money, time and frustration

Not Stretching leads tight muscle which cause discomfort of the joint which leads to pain then pain intensify so you go through the quick fix (Steroid injection, chiropractic, or physical therapy) if it gets worse you got surgery to look forward to!

Are you ready to lose weight, save time and money, and live a much healthier and happier life?

If you’ve read this far then it’s safe to say that this program resonate with you

You see yourself putting in the actual work for that lean, healthier and confident body

You see yourself waking up every day with 50% more energy than ever before to tackle your life

You see yourself finish with the hamster wheel of new techniques, diet, miracle pills, exercise program, and procedure to lose weight

And if that is you then I invite you to apply to be a part of our community

Enter to speak with us about your goals

Why would you want to join?

Because you will be given

  • The keys to shredding fat and toning up

  • A step by step procedure for you to follow to losing weight and keeping it off

  • Results based cardio and weight lifting program that had been testing and proven

  • You’ll be surrounded by like-minded individual that are on the same path to transforming their body and life

  • Access to one of the best coach in the fat loss space

Am I guaranteeing results?

Hell No

There is nothing given in this world for free

Everything is earned through hard work and dedication

If you are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve something great then apply now!

“Wait Quan, I don’t know if I can do it.”

The reason for any failure is that people stop taking the necessary action because they don’t know how to overcome their problems

They stop because instead of being able to deal with and overcome their plateaus, obstacles, or problems, they find an excuse due to their ingrained belief that there is an easier way

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

And, do you know who profits from all of this?

The companies making billions of dollars sold from supplements, products, gym memberships, e-books, training programs, pills, potions, creams, and the list goes on and on

It’s human nature to look for the easier route

You and I both know that in order to live our fittest, healthiest, and most rewarding life, we must master and repeat the same old boring routines and habits in training, nutrition, and mindset. Every. Single. Day.

This is the key to any long term success

It’s by no means a sexy message that we like to hear

We must also learn to celebrate small victories because that is what keeps us on this path

Your mindset might not be in the right place right now

That is probably why you don’t know if you can do it

If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get there

If you feel you want it, click this start button down below

I Forgot to Mention

We can’t help everybody because not everybody is a leader

Not Everybody is done complaining

Not everybody is ready to change

What we do here is to help you make a lifestyle change

Your body and mind is a vehicle that can take you to extraordinary places

But sometimes you are so stifle of the possibilities

Sometimes you are too in your own head

So we are here to show you

that there is a light at the end of the tunnel

Getting on the phone call with us does not necessarily mean you are in

We like to screen potential clients because we want to make sure that this is the right fit for both party

If you’re skeptical in getting on the phone with us, I don’t blame you… you should be skeptical. There are plenty of people who will take your money and give you nothing in return.

Don’t listen to me… Listen to my some of my clients that have worked and continue to stay with me

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Alex before and after face.jpg
Michael before and after front.jpg

PS. If you skipped pass everything, I highly recommend going back through and reading everything because like weight loss there are no shortcuts

PPS. If you have went through and read everything then I would say scheduled a phone call with us. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Like my mentor said “you can’t just read about a push up, you got to go do it.” We don’t need more information, we need to implement and take action.

Sign up below and take the first step to transforming your life!

Thank you for reading!


"Most of us, we ponder and we procrastinate and we have over-analysis paralysis and we think we have to have the perfect idea at the perfect time- but we never end up taking the imperfect action in order to execute and start to bring it to life , adapt, and become comfortable with the uncertainty, learning from the mistakes, and understanding overcoming the failure is part of the journey." (John Henry)