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Quan Trieu


I have a Bachelor in Exercise and Science and I have been working as a trainer for over 2 years. I am experienced with working with many different clients from my internship at a therapy clinic, school, and personal training at LA Fitness. I have helped over 100 different clients with weight loss, pain management, muscle gain and improvement of overall health.

  • I have worked with many people with Sedentary jobs

  • Weight loss, muscle toning, and muscular stiffness


Our Boutique Studio

Los Campeones is the gym that we operate out of. It is located off the 101 and Apache in Tempe, AZ (2153 E Cedar St, Building 6).

Even though our studio may be smaller than the LA, EOS and Lifetime gym out there, we offer the privacy and welcome feeling that the big corporate gym does not. Members here are part of a community and people actually take the time to greet each other.

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I help clients that are frustrated with the quick to lose yet quick to gain diet plans, pills, and training routines. I help clients that are ready for a transformation that last a lifetime through our effective fat loss and toning program.